The Initial Report of The Movement to Restore Trust was released July 25, 2019.  Below are links to media coverage of the Report:

Buffalo News: Editorial: Movement to Restore Trust delivers a worthy action plan for dioceses

WKBW, Ch. 7 News: Movement to Restore Trust issues suggested reforms for Diocese

WIVB, Ch. 4 News: Movement to Restore Trust releases new report on handling of clergy sex abuse cases

WBFO: Movement to Restore Trust releases its complete slate of recommendations

Olean Times Herald: Movement to Restore Trust suggests reforms for Buffalo Diocese in wake of sex abuse crisis

WBEN Radio: Movement to Restore Trust outlines Diocese reforms

Buffalo News: Group presses for more Buffalo Diocese reforms in abuse cases

john Hurley Interview on WBFO

Vatican's investigation of Buffalo Diocese finishes first week with 30 interviewsBy MARIAN HETHERLY | WBFO 88.7MRT leader, John Hurley, is interviewed on WBFO concerning this week's visitation by Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio to the Diocese of...

Diocese Investigation: Interview with John Hurley

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11WBEN930, A NEW MORNING WITH SUSAN ROSE AND BRIAN MAZUROWSKI John Hurley from the Movement to Restore Trust joins WBEN to highlight the investigation by the Brooklyn Bishop into the Diocese of Buffalo.

Other Examples of recent Apostolic Visitations in the US

The Vatican’s Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith defines an apostolic visitation as “an exceptional initiative of the Holy See which involves sending a Visitor or Visitors to evaluate an ecclesiastical institute such as a seminary, diocese, or religious institute. Apostolic Visitations are intended to assist the institute in question to improve the way in which it carries out its function in the life of the Church.”

Take a closer look at recent Apostolic visitations ordered in the United States…

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